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Appointment for Mother’s Day Duo Promotion (Permanent Jewellery)


The Mother’s Day promotion, valid from May 1st to May 19th, 2024, offers a 20% discount on services exclusively for mother-daughter/son pairs. Walk-in appointments are available, subject to slot availability and potential waiting queues. To secure a slot, a booking deposit of RM50 per person (RM100 for mother-daughter pairs) is required. Bookings can be made online at or in-store at MyTOWN.

Additionally, you can gain early access to our new initial charms designed for our permanent jewelry, available exclusively for our Mother’s Day duo promotion.

Happy Mother’s Day to all superwomen out there!

Important Note:
In the event that the attendees do not consist of a mother-daughter/son pair, the promotion will
not be valid, and full price will be charged.

The terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. All rights reserved by Azloft.

MyTOWN (G-072)
MyTOWN (G-072)

How Our Appointment Works?

A booking deposit of RM50 will be required to secure your time slot for permanent jewellery, it is deductible from your total price later on. We can only accommodate one person per appointment. If you’d like to share this experience with your partner or friend, we recommend booking consecutive appointments.

Infinity Square Permanent Jewellery

Innovating the concept of jewellery as a second skin. Our custom-fitted welded on the wrist or neck for a sleek look with no clasp – which we called it ‘Permanent Jewellery’. Perfect for everyday wear and will never have to be taken off. Crafting our signature chains involves custom-fitting and welding them on the spot to the wrist, neck or ankle, resulting in a seamless, clasp-free appearance. This unique welding process, fondly referred to as ‘Zapping’


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