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Magic Of Welding Love Workshop


🌟Magic Of Welding Love Workshop🌟

“Craft Your Forever Moment”

Join us for an exclusive workshop experience where you’ll create a timeless piece of jewellery for your loved one! Only 5 slots available per week, so reserve your spot now. (Inclusive of 2 choices of permanent bracelet and 2 choices of charm for 2 pax)

What’s In Our Workshop?

  1. Total worth of product and workshop: RM659, inclusive of 2 bracelets, 2 charms, certificate and expert guidance from our skilled craftsman.
  2. Enjoy personalized 1-on-1 guidance throughout the process, ensuring your permanent bracelet is crafted with precision and care.
  3. 100% safe and easy crafting experience.
  4. Learn all the steps of creating our permanent jewellery, from material explanation to zapping, in a supportive environment.
  5. Create unforgettable memories as you bond with your loved one and create a lasting symbol of your affection with our permanent bracelet.

Important Note:

  1. After purchasing your slot, we’ll contact you via WhatsApp to confirm your appointment date. You can choose your preferred date and time slot to attend the workshop.
  2. Our workshop event will be available from 20 May 2024.
  3. This workshop will only be valid for 1 month, starting from 20 May 2024. Please make your appointment with us before it expires.

The terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. All rights reserved by Azloft.

Trillium Sungai Besi
Trillium Sungai Besi
MyTOWN (GF-072)

How Our Appointment Works?

A booking deposit of RM50 will be required to secure your time slot for permanent jewellery, it is deductible from your total price later on. We can only accommodate one person per appointment. If you’d like to share this experience with your partner or friend, we recommend booking consecutive appointments.

Infinity Square Permanent Jewellery

Innovating the concept of jewellery as a second skin. Our custom-fitted welded on the wrist or neck for a sleek look with no clasp – which we called it ‘Permanent Jewellery’. Perfect for everyday wear and will never have to be taken off. Crafting our signature chains involves custom-fitting and welding them on the spot to the wrist, neck or ankle, resulting in a seamless, clasp-free appearance. This unique welding process, fondly referred to as ‘Zapping’


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