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Appointment for Permanent Jewellery


(110 customer reviews)

Secure your permanent jewellery experience by booking an appointment with us today. Our skilled craftsmen will be ready to serve you upon your arrival, ensuring a seamless and personalized service. Experience the magic of zapping firsthand! Your appointment deposit will be deducted during checkout at our shop. Plus, the price of our chains already includes our exclusive zapping service. Visit our flagship store in MyTOWN for an immersive zapping experience unlike any other.

Click below to choose your preferred location, date and time to get zapped with us now.

MyTOWN (GF-072)
MyTOWN (GF-072)

How Our Appointment Works?

A booking deposit of RM50 will be required to secure your time slot for permanent jewellery, it is deductible from your total price later on. We can only accommodate one person per appointment. If you’d like to share this experience with your partner or friend, we recommend booking consecutive appointments.

Infinity Square Permanent Jewellery

Innovating the concept of jewellery as a second skin. Our custom-fitted welded on the wrist or neck for a sleek look with no clasp – which we called it ‘Permanent Jewellery’. Perfect for everyday wear and will never have to be taken off. Crafting our signature chains involves custom-fitting and welding them on the spot to the wrist, neck or ankle, resulting in a seamless, clasp-free appearance. This unique welding process, fondly referred to as ‘Zapping’

110 reviews for Appointment for Permanent Jewellery

  1. Manesha


  2. Phillida Goh

    I visited azloft at mytown today (6.30pm) to get a permanent anklet done and I made a mistake with the length that led it to being too tight when I walked. Over the next few hours it became more apparent and as I have an early morning flight back to Singapore tomorrow, I msged azloft on their Instagram account at 9pm as a last ditch effort to ask if anything could be done. The wonderful staff managing the account was so friendly and prompt in her response. She helped me contact their HQ who said I could head back to their mytown outlet for an adjustment immediately since my flight is in the morning. I went back to the outlet extremely apologetic as it was nearing their closing time of 10pm but all the staffs there were extremely kind and reassured me it was no issue. I would like to especially thank Nicholas for being so patient and accommodating in helping me get my anklet to the perfect length. I cannot get over how great the customer service at azloft is and you guys have definitely won me over! This is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for permanent jewelry ❤️

  3. liyana hairaary (verified owner)

    The staff at azloft mytown is sooo helpful in giving their opinion. If you come here please find sue and yasmin!

  4. Eugene Ang (verified owner)

    I just GOT ZAPPED! Anna is extremely helpful and patience with my issue with choice. Thanks

  5. Maisarah hairaary (verified owner)

    The azloft mytown staff Sue and Yasmin was very helpful and friendly. They help me choosing the material that suits me.

  6. Nong

    quick and qualify

  7. Tashveen Syrra Kaur

    Jaden did a great job in putting my bracelet on for me. I got it done at Publika !!

  8. PM

    Staff was very friendly and helpful, gave a clear explanation of the product and process. He was also very thoughtful in providing recommendations to the types product available. Visited the Publika pop up.

  9. Jasmin

    Good Service and Nice Bracelet

  10. Hariz

    I love the idea, super new for Malaysia! Can’t think of anywhere else that does this type of service ❤️

  11. Linda Casadei

    very good and quick service 🙂 friendly staff

  12. Idries ferhad (verified owner)

    Great service yasmin was kind and helpful very quick and easy process

  13. Mellisa (verified owner)

    Very good service. Yasmin took the time to explain things to me and also provide suggestions on a suitable chain and charms for my anklet

  14. Melissa (verified owner)

    quick and fast. 2nd time doing it too. Love it

  15. Janna (verified owner)

    Sangat cantik, and easy process! Will definitely recommend to my other friends

  16. Hanum Mohd Hizan (verified owner)

    Very fast service and fun experience! ❤️

  17. Nuriffah Faizah (verified owner)

    good service, easy process & affordable

  18. Azra Zulkifli (verified owner)

    Finnaly got my permanent bracelets done!! Very satisfied with the service.

  19. Sze Ying

    The staff is very patient and explained the process clearly

  20. Liqi (verified owner)

    Great craftsmanship and the craftsman kept reassuring me about the sizing was to my comfort.

  21. Nikita (verified owner)

    The staff is really helpful and nice. Thank you so much for the experience ✨

  22. Qay

    Jessy so friendly and very helpful .

  23. Wafa AL-Busaidi (verified owner)

    I had the most amazing time with Yasmin she is so sweet she explained everything to me and how to take the best care of my jewelry. Is the best experience ever I would recommend me this to everyone.

  24. Muhammad Syahmi (verified owner)

    great experience👍🏻

  25. Erynna

    sue is very patient and friendly

  26. Lee mei leng (verified owner)

    Friendly know the products well

  27. Amira Azmi (verified owner)

    It was very fast and friendly service. Would definitely come back to do more!

  28. Esther Hsiao


  29. El Leong (verified owner)

    Easy process, nice !

  30. Fatin (verified owner)

    Good service as first timer here

  31. Enyssa Lee

    Friendly craftman 🙂

  32. belle (verified owner)

    nice and fast service

  33. Lee mei leng (verified owner)

    Vey good service

  34. Sabrina Suhaimi (verified owner)

    Good services, the craftman (Jessie) is so helpful and friendly 🙂

  35. Osa

    very great service. really cute bracelets and very quick

  36. faith

    Great suggestion and service by yasmin

  37. Celine

    yasmin was very helpful, thank you!

  38. Deldrie (verified owner)

    Glad to decide to took up the offer of the soft launch discount. However, personally i think assistant could assist to provide suggestion instead of giving “technical” anawer

  39. Izleen (verified owner)

    Yasmin is so lovely in assisting me. Love the bracelet.

  40. Chua Geh Lynn

    Recommended nice bracelet

  41. Sonia (verified owner)

    Interesting concept ❤️

  42. Tinesh

    Had a very good experience getting zapped here with my significant other. The salesperson Liqi was patient with us and made our bracelet zapped well. Will come again!

  43. Annabelle ng

    Had an amazing experience at Azloft, the craftman here is friendly and professional.

  44. Jeanne

    amazing. Got a bracelet and my sister got an anklet and it looks so beautiful. Jessy was very lovely aswell! Good value of money!

  45. Wanie (verified owner)

    Very welcoming staff named Yasmin.

  46. Nicson (verified owner)

    Good services nice quality

  47. natalie (verified owner)

    sue she’s very friendly and it didn’t hurt the process and i like the overall look

  48. Pujja (verified owner)

    It was an amazing experience for me and my mom at the Mytown branch. Totally enjoyed the entire procedure with Yasmin. She was so accommodating and patient with our request. Will truly come back again to celebrate my milestones. Thank you Azloft

  49. Natasha (verified owner)


  50. Ashley Chin (verified owner)

    Good service

  51. Jean (verified owner)

    I love the staff here, she’s so friendly <3

  52. Lynn

    Great experience and service by Yasmine 🙂

  53. Marya

    Loved my permanent bracelet. Been always with some ‘permanent’ jewelry but so happy to have a zapped one 🙂

  54. Jasmine Seow (verified owner)

    Jia Cheng was very clear on how the process works and was patient in guiding us through the process. It was a seamless good experience! 🙂

  55. Lydia Tan (verified owner)

    Good customer service from Jia Cheng

  56. Audrey

    I had the attendant named Sueqi and she is very friendly and easy to communicate with. Thank you !

  57. Kaur

    Got my permanent anklet with cute charm! The craftman Jessy is friendly and patient while zapping

  58. Sndk (verified owner)

    Got my permanent jewelry done by Sue! She was wonderful, took her time to ensure the weld was perfect ♥️

  59. Rachel Yew (verified owner)

    Their bracelet is very nice and elegant. Yasmin is patience and skillfulled. 💜

  60. Saidatul Akmal binti Shahidan (verified owner)

    I had permanent bracelets here. And I had a great experience with Azloft mytown. Get zapped with staff name Majaz. He so nice and friendly. Thank you

  61. Terry (verified owner)

    Good service and product

  62. Alicia tan (verified owner)

    For a person who always spend on accessories, I love it! And is permanent 🥰❤️

  63. Calvin Chan

    Looking good, managed to find a good pair with my girlfriend that matches each other. Excellent service too.

  64. Alya Iman

    Love the product so fast the process and you have very friendly staff

  65. Angela Kwayandi

    very helpful

  66. rachel

    so coolll !!

  67. Daphney (verified owner)

    Love how fast and easy the process went. Highly recommended!

  68. Tiffany Lum (verified owner)

    Good service given. Staff is friendly and giving nice suggestion.

  69. Nur Fatimah (verified owner)

    Lurveee so much..service is good and have lovely permanent bracelet

  70. Fairus

    Nice service from jessy. The process is fast also

  71. ValSharma

    Love it

  72. Mohit Sharma (verified owner)

    Superb service

  73. Misha


  74. Misha


  75. Eunice Yapp

    Great service and they’re very gentle

  76. Ivy Lim

    Did my first permanent anklet with Sueqi and she was really friendly and patience throughout the whole process

  77. Xinyi Goh

    Fast and efficient!

  78. Emi (verified owner)

    Love my matchy bracelets with my bestie. So cute!

  79. Emi

    Love the experiences, able to do this matchy bracelet togets w my bestie 4evs! Thank you Jessy!

  80. Noami (verified owner)

    Polite and helpful staff Jenny

  81. Angel

    Nice design

  82. Wan Alya (verified owner)

    Pretty design

  83. Joevy

    Nice staff Jessy n good service, got my 2nd bracelet nicely

  84. Shelv (verified owner)

    Exciting experience! And it gets done in 10-15 minutes only.

  85. Anna Wang (verified owner)

    Quick and pretty. Jessy was friendly and attentive.

  86. Hurriya (verified owner)

    Really fun and interesting. Loved the bracelet

  87. lee carmen (verified owner)

    beautiful and love it😻

  88. Marlie Khoo (verified owner)

    Had a pleasant experience from staff and love the product!

  89. Le Yee Leong (verified owner)

    Good service and product quality ! Loved the anklet !

  90. Nisha Pramithra

    Cute bracelets and fast process 😊

  91. Adam (verified owner)

    Staff was very helpful and made the process easy!

  92. Puteri

    Its so fast and easy, very subtlee design i love ittt!!!

  93. Nikky Cheah (verified owner)

    Staff is very friendly and helpful. All details were explained nicely ☺️

  94. Saash

    Good experience and explanation was given well by Sue.

  95. Hazelle

    Pretty quick and attentive services by Yannis! 🙂

  96. Sharifah Nurain

    Everything is good. Quality of charm also the services

  97. rashmika

    Very good service. friendly staff and informative. would recommend. wallet friendly hehe

  98. Connie Lya (verified owner)

    Very Good service and explanation by Anna..very recommended😊

  99. Connie Lya (verified owner)

    Good service,nice bracelet and good explanation by Anna..very recommended😊

  100. Tasya

    suuuuper friendly staff (Thong Lee) and quick service.

  101. Jing wey (verified owner)

    Friendly staffs and nice bracelets to choose from.

  102. Steph (verified owner)

    Came across this place while I was looking for permanent bracelet in KL. Made a booking and it was super fuss free. The whole experience was quick and they will advise you on the recommended length for your wrist.

    Would come here again if I need more permanent jewelry.

  103. Ivan Chen

    Very solid experience, and very accomodating

  104. Ivan

    Very friendly and accommodating staff

  105. nurin nadhirah (verified owner)

    friendly staff and helpfull !

  106. Au Zhi Zhng

    Very informative and patient in explaining my inquiries! Job well done!

  107. Han

    Great service and designs

  108. Sara (verified owner)

    Very nice guy Jc. Very informative and good at his work 🤩

  109. Phie Sze Goh (verified owner)

    First time purchase the permanent bracelet, overall having a good experience and thank you Thoong Lee for the gud service. I like the end result of my bracelet😁😁

  110. Sharifah Nurain

    sue did an amazing job i love my anklet

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