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Introducing our exclusive permanent bracelets, where signature chains are meticulously custom-fitted and welded onto your wrist, creating a seamless and sophisticated look without the need for clasps. Our innovative welding procedure, affectionately termed “Zapping,” ensures durability and a flawless finish.

Crafted for everyday wear, these bracelets are designed to become a seamless part of your daily life. Lightweight yet dazzling, they add a touch of sparkle to every moment. Experience the ultimate in comfort, style, and durability with our permanent bracelets

Discover an extensive selection of chains design alongside our stunning permanent jewellery collection.

Please note that purchases for permanent jewellery collection is solely available through in-store transactions. To schedule your visit, please click the button below, where you can choose your preferred location, date, and time for your appointment.

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Type of Clasp

Jump Ring, Seamless


Base length 18cm

Infinity Square Permanent Jewellery

Innovating the concept of jewellery as a second skin. Our custom-fitted welded on the wrist or neck for a sleek look with no clasp – which we called it ‘Permanent Jewellery’. Perfect for everyday wear and will never have to be taken off. Crafting our signature chains involves custom-fitting and welding them on the spot to the wrist, neck or ankle, resulting in a seamless, clasp-free appearance. This unique welding process, fondly referred to as ‘Zapping’

About Our Jewelleries

Azloft’s jewellery selection includes 925 sterling silver, premium brass and top grade 304 stainless steel as its base, ensuring unparalleled combination of versatility and durability. Each piece is thoughtfully plated with at least 1.0 micron of 18k gold or rhodium, topped up with a protective layer to retain its luminous and long lasting appeal. Designed for both style and sturdiness, perfect for daily wear.

At the heart of our brand, we remain steadfast in delivering hypoallergenic products that prioritize skin safety, while our unwavering commitment to sustainability is echoed through our partnerships with ethical factories.


  1. Diana Ong

    Love the anklet and the charm that I just got! Worth it for the price and the service is really good too!

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