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Sweetheart’s Treasure Earrings


Sweetheart’s Treasure adds a touch of love and sentimentality. It’s a beauriful and romantic design that feature a heart shape with sparking zircons at the bottom. A perfect representation of love and elegance.

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8.66mm x 7.1mm

Stone Measurement

0.32 cm X 0.4 cm

Devoted Love

Introducing “Devoted Love” Collection: Beautiful pieces that symbolize lasting affection. Crafted to represent deep connections and timeless love.

From delicate heart motifs that represent boundless love to represent patterns that mirror the complexities of relationships, every piece is a testament to the stories that bind you.

About Our Jewelleries

Azloft’s jewellery selection includes 925 sterling silver, premium brass and top grade 304 stainless steel as its base, ensuring unparalleled combination of versatility and durability. Each piece is thoughtfully plated with at least 1.0 micron of 18k gold or rhodium, topped up with a protective layer to retain its luminous and long lasting appeal. Designed for both style and sturdiness, perfect for daily wear.

At the heart of our brand, we remain steadfast in delivering hypoallergenic products that prioritize skin safety, while our unwavering commitment to sustainability is echoed through our partnerships with ethical factories.


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